Camp Tuscazoar Dover Dam Weekend

Your Camp… Your Adventure (and Your Advancement)

Come to Camp Tuscazoar, Ohio’s most historic camp, for our 2022 Dover Dam Weekend, and have an adventure! There will be multiple tracks available for scouts to pick the adventure that best suits their interest and their advancement goals. Units can split their scouts up and send them on different adventures. Each track will provide the opportunity to have fun, learn, and advance along scouting’s trail.

April 29-May 1, 2022

Advancement Adventure – Scouting Skills (1 – AA)

Take a mapped five-mile hike around the camp to many of the sites that have made camp so memorable. But it’s more than that. It’s a chance to jumpstart new scouts or nudge slightly older scouts to advance. The journey will have multiple stops along the way, with at least ten of those set up to provide scouts with rank requirement skills for Tenderfoot through First Class, all fun and challenging. But it can be more. As with all hikes at the camp since our 2020 100th anniversary, if scouts choose to, they can stop and learn camp history on the Centennial Trail and earn the Centennial Trail coin if they get to 50! >

Centennial Trail Adventure – (2 – CTA)

Maybe there are scouts in your unit that don’t need the rank requirements, or that want a longer, more challenging adventure because, well, if finding 50 of the Centennial Trail markers is fun, why not make it 75, or better yet, all 100? Scouts can spend the day making their own way around the camp learning, enhancing their map skills, and maybe even competing against other scouts in their unit and in camp for pride and prizes. There are certainly various merit badge requirements that a hike like this will also satisfy.

Historic Trails Award/Zoar Valley Trail Adventure (3 – HT/ZVT)

The Zoar Valley Trail leaves the camp going both north and south, approximately 10 miles in either direction. The trail oozes history. And, with some additional work, work that the camp can help facilitate, hiking either of those trails can allow your scouts to earn the national scouting Historic Trails Award. And we may have a few fun surprises along the way. So, whether preparing for Philmont, or working on Hiking or Backpacking MB, or just looking for a formidable experience, consider this adventure. >

Merit Badge (4 – MB)

Yes, we will offer a merit badge, but it should not be the automatic choice given the variety of other options. We are still working out the details, but we expect it to be fun, challenging, and accomplishable that day. Check back for more details.

Orienteering (OA)

Whether a scout does one of the other adventures and still has more adventurous energy remaining, or there are scouts who want to move at a faster pace, orienteering courses will be available at the White, Yellow and Orange levels. All of them would qualify for required courses for the Orienteering MB. Prizes for top finishers.

We encourage a trip to Dover Dam and depending upon your Adventure, you may be passing it anyway. For now, we are not expecting tours to be available, but if that changes, we’ll let you know.

The cost is $25 per person, adult or scout. That fee covers all program activities, plus a commemorative patch, a great dinner and, conditions permitting, both the review session and the campfire.

Pre-registration is required for both camping and the program!

Scouts are encouraged to attend for the full weekend, but pre-registered daytrippers will be accepted.

This is NOT a drop-off event; an adult must be at the camp!

Camping costs are extra and depend on selected site. For camping info & reservations: >

If problems, call or email the camp at 330-859-2288 or

Program questions? Email


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